Saturday, September 5, 2009

Teresa's Viking

So apparently, Vikings didn't wear pointy helmets! I started the painting based on a real viking artifact and it totally didn't read like one! So I stuck to the typical look. He's stabbing a monk with his spear btw! Vikings were totally evil! They went around raiding monastaries, but according to text some monks were fairly reputable fighters, haha, so I made the monk synister lookin. Yea, Vikings are cool, haha.


  1. dude...freaking awesome..imma make a banner w/ this :D <33

  2. Sweet!
    Love the colors, the style and the textures, really nice work!

  3. Awesome! I like the looseness of it. Feels almost like an oil painting.

  4. I love the textures too and how it feels like its not digital.