Thursday, July 9, 2009

Christie Tseng

Name: Christie Tseng
Location: SoCal
Job Position: Ever still a learning student~! Also happen to be a props designer at Hasbro Studios
Some other things you have worked on: Bit o' freelance in comic, storyboarding and game concept art.

The process and tools you use: CS4, pencils, and those cheapo free ball point pens. I usually like to have a loose concept or mood in mind when I start something new. And half the times the final result is a surprise!

What inspired you to become an artist: I'm simply a kid who never stopped drawing! My doodling because more specific as I grew up with the anime/manga deal. In 11th grade I discovered the possibilities of entertainment art as a career and I've never looked back since. Above all I know that I just want to be able to draw and tell stories to the best of my abilities.

What is your most favorite subject to draw/why: I most often doodle characters, but I love environments as well; those two complete each other! (And lately I've been fascinated with trees... yep.)

Any tips you can give: Network with friends who share similar interests, seek out the best teachers and take control of your own education. Keep working hard, and stay humble!

Favorite Artists: Too many... To make things simple: at this moment, they be those crazy amazing Japanese artists overseas. Take a look at the production art for animation there (designs, boards, bg layout & painting, animation keys etc) and you should see what I mean.

Favorite Animated Movie: The Iron Giant

Hobbies: Reading comics, watching animations, keeping a dream journal, daydreaming !


  1. Yahhhhhhhhhh!!! Awesome can't wait to see more!! :D

  2. wow! glad i decided to take a trip back in time or i might have missed this! <3 its awesome..super cute and cant wait for more from you! :)

  3. Really cool :D, love the little things hanging in the backpack ^^

  4. Haha thanks guys (or rather, girls!)

    And the little things, those are keychains that I actually do have on my minibackpack!
    (That is, until they started falling off. So now they're just sitting on my desk._