Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sutefeni's Rainbow Brite!

So my computer got the blue screen of death two weeks ago, but luckily I had this saved on photobucket before it passed (moment of silence). It's definitely not finished, but this should do for now :<
I'm hoping to get a new computer soon!


  1. its definitely a great start! super cute, so sorry about your computer..what a bummer in getting a new one!!

  2. no computer death sucks!!! But it looks so cute

  3. I thought it was good enough unfinished before and still do. Rock on girl!

  4. ugh, don't you hate the blue screen of death! I got something similar as well, my computer just restarted itself and I lost a bunch of work... I hope you get a new computer soon.

    Either way it looks great and so cute.