Sunday, June 28, 2009

Camila's self portrait

Name: Camila Davila Lohr

Location: Los Angeles

Job Position: Texture Painter

Current Employer: Sony Imageworks

What are some things you have worked on: Red Faction guerrilla, Alice and wonderland, and a pilot for boldly going nowhere :)

What is the process you go through in doing your art, as well as the
types of tools you use: Firts I go over a bunch of ideas in my head and then when I get some free time I do some sketches in photoshop and then try to make a final illustration of the sketch i like the best. I use photoshop, body paint, maya... color pencils and all that, I am starting to learn painter now :D

What inspired you to become an artist: I don't remmember :S

What is your most favorite subject to draw/why: I like to draw girls with cool costumes... I also like to draw fantasy (anything), I am not so good with landscapes

Any tips you can give: Always work harder to pursuit your goals.

Favorite Artists: Mucha, and I can't remmember anyone else right now... my brain it's fried

Favorite Animated Movie: mmm... I like the disney movies when the girl fend for herself and it's not waiting for a prince charming to rescue her, like Mulan, and I found emperor's new groove pretty funny. I also like Howl's moving castle and the miyasaki films, finding nemo and walley are pretty awesome.

Hobbies: draw, write, read, watch movies, go dancing, riding horses... :)

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