Thursday, June 25, 2009

jane's q&a

Hi all! Sorry I'm not gonna have time to complete all of the q&a portion of this, but here's a run down of jane:

i work at home with my hubby (crash) we've been freelancing for 2 years, just hustlin for gigs and chillin like a villain! we've done a variety of gigs, including iphone apps, iphone games, websites, marketing videos, t-shirts, etc. i've also worked as junior level artist, then prop artist for what is now Double Helix Studios.

my tools of the trade are mainly photoshop and my sketchbook. currently trying to learn now to use illustrator to make awesome vector graphics.

i love all the miyazaki films as well, followed very closely by Pixar!

i was inspired to become an artist by the early disney animated films, The Little Mermaid being my fave :D then i gotz my first set of markers at age 6, where i proceeded to cover the walls in my masterpieces.

anyway guess thats it for me! thx for the invite and im excited to see more work from all you gals!


  1. hehe love your portrait Jane! so glad you could join us <3

  2. Oo very pretty portrait! You're at Double Helix atm? Do you know Jolene Goya?

  3. Hehe thx for the welcome Potato! Teresa, I've left double helix about 2 years ago, but yeah i know Jolene - we worked on Golden Compass and Silent Hill Homecoming together :D i checked out your awesome paintings - love em!! i'll probably be buggin you for tips every so often ;)